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Five Ways to Drastically Reduce Out-of-Home Plastic Use

  1. If you love coffee (like most Greeks) and won’t start your day without it, ditching disposable plastic and paper cups is a must, and you can now do it in style with our wide variety of reusable, on-the-go cups and mugs. Can’t commit to one just yet? you can always use one of the dozens of glass jars sitting in your kitchen, looking for a purpose (after thoroughly removing the paper label :p). Avoid and spread the word about the commonly – low-priced – reusable bamboo mugs, which according to recent research are a health risk when in contact with hot liquids.
  2. Do you enjoy drinking your drinks through a straw? Okay, we can relate. Say no to disposable plastic straws and try the feel of a stainless steel straw with or without a silicone spout, a glass or even a disposable wheat straw.
  3. Keep hydrated with a stainless steel reusable bottle like this one. Research indicates that water is a major source through which plastic particles end up in our system, especially bottled water, in plastic bottles.
  4. Just back from work/gym/an adventure/saving the world but forgot to cook lunch and your stomach is gurgling? Always keep with you a few nuts or a small snack in a stainless steel box, cotton pouch or even a glass jar. It will give you energy and strength to get through the day and is bound to keep crankiness levels at a minimum!
  5. Going shopping? Always carry a Tote bag like this one with you or a vintage cotton net! Use them again and again and again and avoid disposable plastic bags!

If you manage at least one of the five above, congratulations! You have certainly reduced your use of plastics and your carbon footprint. You may be a freep and/or a weirdo but we think you’re cool, so does our planet.

Be a freep! Be a weirdo dear friends, we’ll follow up soon.

The freep team

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