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111 elies – Dish Soap (lemon and tea tree)



Coconut DISH SOAP with lemon and tea tree


  • All natural
  • Cold process soap
  • Handmade
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • only natural essential oils
  • The soaps remain for at least 8 weeks


111 Elies story

” It all started from our little family farm of 111 olive trees in Northern Greece, where the picturesque landscape inspired us to produce pure, all natural cold process soap with the raw materials that the Mediterranean Nature so richly provides.
At first we created our products just for our friends and family, but as time went by and our work’s good reputation spread out, we saw that it was time for our business start up!

Since we created our 111ELIES, we’ve made significant progress. The workshop in the country house gave its place to our professional lab at the center of Thessaloniki, and now we are in the right place to offer you high quality and effective natural soap and skincare products, combining the devotion to handmade manufacturing with professional handling and accuracy

Cold Process Soap

We use the cold process method for the production of our soaps. That means that the saponification process takes place in low temperatures so as to keep all the beneficial properties of our raw materials active. The whole process finishes in THE CURING ROOM where our soaps remain for at least 8 weeks waiting patiently to lower their pH, loose excess water and improve in any aspect.

We do not use synthetic fragrances but only natural essential oils and our soaps are naturally coloured with the addition of clays, botanicals and other natural ingredients that actively add their properties in every formula.

The essential oils we use for each formula are not only chosen for their scent but mainly for their beneficial properties.”

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