Kids Toothbrush – Soft Blue



While plastic toothbrushes can be very harmful to the environment, there is an alternative that can help reduce the damage being done! Be my Flower Toothbrush is certainly a great option if you’re looking to keep your daily routine as plastic-free as possible!

Bamboo toothbrush handles can take around six months to compost, while a plastic one takes hundreds of years to fully break down! There is also a high risk that toothbrushes, like other plastic waste, may end up in the oceans. Once you’re finished with it, you can compost the handle and recycle the bristles.

For every BE MY FLOWER toothbrush 0.05€ go to “Taki’s animal shelter” in Krete. Thank you for participating!

Weight0.014 kg

Be My Flower

Replacement for

Plastic Toothbrushes


Biodegradable wrap, This product comes in a 100% recyclable cardboard box.

Ingredients/ Materials

Bamboo handle, BPA free Nylon bristles

Product Code: BFBT08US01