Helleo Handmade soap – The one and only – Hip Hops!



Limited Batch!

Craft things are unique and carry the soul of the producer. Enjoying a cold beer during a hot summer night is also a unique moment that you wanna share with your close friends. Is there anything better than that? Well…crafting your own beer with your friends, waiting patiently for one month for the fermentation and bottle conditioning to be done, a few hours in the freezer and “Geia Mas”.

This soap is a story of our own fresh craft beer we relished with our buddies on our regular Wednesday meetings while watching the sunset on the cretan open sea.

Properties: All skin types /  Face, body and hair/ It promotes hair growth & healthy skin.
100% Eco-Friendly
Weight0.120 kg



100% Eco-Friendly, 100% Natural, Handmade, No Animal Tested, Vegan


Paper label

Ingredients/ Materials

Berries, Craft Beer, Mint

Product Code: HEBT16RL08