Massage glove



This plastic-free massage glove exfoliates gently and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it refreshed and soft. It promotes circulation at the surface of the skin, strengthens the nervous system, and stimulates metabolism/immune defenses. The woven copper threads have anti-bacterial properties and produce a pleasant warm sensation during a massage. Suitable for dry and wet massage, washable at 50°C.

Hand-crafted in Germany by Bürstenhaus Redecker, a world-renowned manufacturer of exceptional-quality brush and wood products for over 75 years.

Weight0.044 kg
Dimensions22 × 13 cm

Burstenhaus Redecker

Ingredients/ Materials

Copper, Cotton, Hemp, Lin

Replacement for

This item is a good alternative to plastic sponges.


This product ships in a plastic bag for hygenic reasons.

Care Instructions

Bristles soften with use., Dry after use.

Product Code: REBT16RZ05