OrganiCup – Menstrual Cup Size B



Could you ever imagine your period life without pads and tampons and mess?

Save your money and reduce your waste! OrganiCup is the award-winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons and helps you enjoy a more sustainable, easier and healthier period! OrganiCup holds up to 3 tampons worth and can be worn for up to 12 hours. Forget about your period during the day and night.No leaks, no worries! OrganiCup last years, not hours. No constant waste and no monthly purchases.

Size B: For those who have given birth vaginally

How to use:

  • Simply fold the soft medical-grade silicone cup and insert.
  • OrganiCup will unfold and be secured in place by a light vacuum.
  • After ~12 hours, remove and empty into the toilet. Rinse and repeat. Easy.
Note: You can easily use Organicup with an IUD. We simply recommend consulting your doctor to potentially shorten the IUD strings.
Weight0.037 kg
Dimensions9.8 × 8 × 3.8 cm



Capacity: 30 ml, Color: Natural (without any color additives), Diameter: 45 mm, Total Height: 70 mm


Compostable paper and Κraft box

Ingredients/ Materials

Made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone. No BPA, no latex, no dye., Without hazardous chemicals

Replacement for

conventional pads and tampons

Product Code: OCBT11RZ02