Pasteleion – Almond and Thyme Honey



A Complete Healthy meal! Enjoy guiltlessly a sweet, healthy food, with no preservatives and no flavour enhancements. The original, rich flavour and aroma reveal the nutritional value of this combination.

Pasteleion is a 45gr bar made of pieces of almonds mixed with thyme honey and melted dried fruits, rolled on sesame seeds. It is not baked, thus remaining soft and healthy. Its ingredients are mostly Greek and of organic farming, and the Pasteleion team ensures that they remain intact during the preparation.

The Pasteleion Team says:

“The Pasteleion bars are prepared with the best natural ingredients. We never bake them so they stay soft and healthy. Moreover, honey which in a temperature higher than 40C loses its nutritional value, always remains intact! “

Weight0.050 kg



Paper label, Polypropylene film

Ingredients/ Materials

Almond 59%, Dry Fruits 16% (dates, resins), Sesame 7%, Thyme Honey 18%

Product Code: PAKT25RZ01